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Peak Performances, Inc.

P.O. Box 85
Dillon, CO 80435

Phone: (970) 406-4294
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Our Team

Founder & CEO

Michael O'Brien

Executive Administrative Assistant

Melissa Rinaldo


Mary McNeil


Dave Ratner, Creative Law Network

Human Resources

Holly Jo Robinson


Wendy Fellner and Rachelle Sefton

Lead Project Manager

Amy Hahn

Development Team

Lalit Arora, Melonleaf

Talent Booking

Michael O'Brien, Hunt Frye, Aly Walker, Ruthie Hahn

Event Lead

Lisa May, Phil Kubiske, John Caprio, Brian Wyatt, Lauren Cullers. Jess Herndon, Adrian Cordova, Dylan Huston, Audriana Huizar

Event Staff Manager

Miranda Fisher

Event Staff Recruiting Coordinator

Veronica Gibson

Production Manager

Matt Burhite