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Our Mission

Peak Performances mission is to craft extraordinary event experiences that inspire, connect and enrich communities. 

Why Our Work Matters

Peak Performances has been serving the production and booking niche for the high country market for 24 years. We have hired over 3,000 bands and performers, approximately 100 bands each year. In addition to mainstream artists, we take every opportunity to introduce culturally diverse and avant-garde acts to delight audiences, intentionally selecting female artists, ethnic artists, and international musicians to enrich participants’ cultural experience. In 2018, our work programming and staffing the Dillon Amphitheater resulted in the venue named among the nation’s top five venues.  Dillon Amphitheater attracts visitors from both the Front Range and out of state. These tourism dollars provide on-going and lasting support for a vast array of small businesses within Summit County.  In a community with a population of approximately 30,000, the Dillon Amphitheater serves as a community meeting place for neighbors to meet and discuss current events and for folks also to find new friends and acquaintances.

Who We Serve

Peak Performances serves the tourism industry and our underserved resident populations of Summit, Eagle, Douglas, El Paso, and Larimer Counties. Eighty-four percent of the events we produce are free to the public, allowing unfettered access for all community residents of varying ages and socio-economic strata.

Our work in Eagle County at the Avon Performance Pavilion serves the local community as a cultural connection and an education source. We intentionally invite and serve the Latino/Latina community by providing free programming that resonates with the local and regional Latino/Latina population from the surrounding areas.

In the Town of Frisco, we research and execute the event programming for the Colorado State BBQ Challenge. The audience is an eclectic mix similar to the state demographic, representing groups from all population sectors. We aim to attract a demographically diverse, all-age audience that cross-pollinates multiple cultures’ musical inspirations by following our company’s mission in alignment with the event mission.

We mindfully and financially support local and regional organizations that share our culturally diverse values. We believe that our staff is an intricate part of the mountain communities, and we are proud that our team mirrors our community’s demographic makeup. Peak Performances is a community leader and serves as a model to support cultural and ethnic diversity in the communities we serve. We know from first-hand experience that diversity and individuality create our unifying strength to be impeccable at what we do while broadening the human family of inclusion.

Who We Are

We are intentional in our hiring practices to ensure a diverse mix of individuals. We seek to go beyond the standards outlined by the Fair Hiring Act by actively pursuing recruitment campaigns in ethnically diverse communities. We strive to create a work environment that celebrates inclusiveness and cross-cultural education by purposefully seeking and embracing unique individuals to forge a cohesive team that is diverse ethnically, diverse socially, and diverse in point of view. We pride ourselves in providing jobs that lead the industry in wages and supplemental income for communities where it is expensive to live and work.  We nurture our team and treat them as respected partners and have been recognized in our community and rewarded with long-standing community partnerships. It can be challenging to find reliable, skilled employees of any ethnicity or gender. To solve this challenge, we developed a non-traditional recruiting approach to expansively reach beyond barriers that might ordinarily marginalize differently-abled community members or members from different backgrounds. This approach allows us to weave these often overlooked folks into Peak Performances’ staff mosaic throughout every company level.

Peak Performances Inc.

Peak Performances Inc.

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